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UL/CSA* Listed *with grounding lug


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Arlington siding box kits give you everything you need for a UL Listed and approved installation—because this siding box is an actual electrical junction box!

Each kit includes an electrical box, cover, and NM cable connector and works on all siding types, before or after the siding is installed. Before the siding is nstalled, use the ‘flanged’ PC8081F, PC8081FDBL, PC8082F, or PC8091F. If the siding is up or for retrofit work, break the flanges off the flanged styles above along the prescored lines or use our ‘flangeless’ styles PC8081 or PC8081DBL. For ixtures and receptacles that require GFCIs, use the deeper PC8091F.

Easy to install, this series of siding mounting boxes features premolded screw locations for devices and lighting fixtures. The box enclosure can be installed in two ways. The first method uses the location holes for a typical 3-1/2" or 4" diameter box. The second uses the screw locations for device mounting when rotated 90°.

These mounting boxes provide a rectangular hole for accessing the wire connections in the box enclosure with grounding lug.

PC8081 FlangelessPC8081F with flangesPC8081, PC8081F for Standard Light Fixtures, Devices
PC8081DBL FlangelessPC8081FDBL with flangesPC8081DBL, PC8081FDBL for Large Light Fixtures
PC8082F with flangesPC8082 for Fixtures, Devices on T-111 Siding
PC8091F with flangesPC8091F for GFCIs, Large Light Fixtures and Devices, Fixtures with Ballast

Catalog Number UPC/DCI/NAED MFG #01 8997 Siding Type Unit Pkg Standard Pkg Dim Style
PC808180812All Types25256.5" x 6.5"w/o Flange
PC8081DBL80813All Types252510.5" x 6.5"w/o Flange
PC8081F80814All Types25256.5" x 6.5"with Flange
PC8081FDBL80815All Types252510.5" x 6.5"with Flange
PC8082F322401/2" or Less25256.5" x 6.5"with Flange
PC8091F17856All Types25256.5" x 6.5"with Flange
PC8081FB10941All Types2525Box Only
PC8081FC10939All Types2525Cover Only
PC8091FB10945All Types1010Box Only
PC8091FC10946All Types1010Cover Only
PC8081FDBLC10943All Types1010Cover Only
PC8091FDBLC10947All Types1010Cover Only

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Click here for installation instructions: Siding Box Kit without Flange »»


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